A non-partisan, non-profit organization that catalyzes women’s political participation in Puerto Rico through knowledge-sharing and training.



Women represent over half of Puerto Rico’s population.

Of the 161 principal public office positions in our government, only 23 are led by women.

Only 12 of the 81 legislative assembly positions are occupied by women.

In Puerto Rico only 9 of the 78 municipalities are led by women.

If women occupied 85 of the principal public elective positions in Puerto Rico, we would achieve equal representation to influence public policies and achieve the quality of life that we desire for ourselves, our families, and our communities.


Reasons to Run for Office

According to the study Men Rule: The Continued Under-Representation of Women in U.S. Politics, women’s political participation contributes positively in the following ways:


Gender diversity in government increases the probability that public policy debates and deliberations are inclusive.


Female state legislators are more inclined than their male counterparts to prioritize bills related to children, families, and topics that directly impact women.


Female municipal legislators spend more time providing services to their constituents than do male legislators.


It’s been proven that female mayors take citizens’ opinions into account in their decision-making and emphasize cooperation, whereas male mayors tend to emphasize hierarchy in their decision-making.


There is a positive correlation between women’s participation and contributions in politics to female adolescents’ political participation.
Encourage and train women in Puerto Rico to run for elective public office.
That committed women occupy at least 85 of the primary public elective offices of the country, to promote an inclusive, diverse, efficient, and transparent government.
Political Participation and Gender in Puerto Rico, Data and Statistics
The Process to File a Candidacy in the Puerto Rico Commission on Elections

Campaign Financing

Establishing a Campaign Platform and Political Discourse
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